Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here's a really easy thing to make and for whatever reason, people ask me how to make them a lot. They are the easiest thing ever. Use it as a quick snack or it can almost be a meal in itself depending on what all you put in and adjacent to it! :)

My kids like them a lot! Then again, people tell me I have 'weird' kids and they eat it just about anything (and yes, I am grateful for such"oddities").
  • Tortillas - Flour or corn* - your choice! i figure if they're available in my podunk town, they're available everywhere! *Tip: if corn is your choice, add a few drops of oil to the pan and wet your hands to rub the leftover water on the tortillas, before placing on the pan)
  • Heat pan to med-high.
  • Slap that baby on :)
  • Cheese - Get your favorite cheese (shredded or sliced is always nice & easy) and put it right on top of the tortilla. I like a bit stronger cheese, so the "Mexican" blends work fairly well for me, so long as there is no Colby or any other yellow cheese. We Mexicans do not eat yellow cheese in general, unless it's a nice extra sharp cheddar with a little wine. :P Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of Mexican folks eating yellow cheese and I just don't know it. I, personally, am not that picky, and if I can't find the 'white' Mexican blend, I'll take the orange one. :) The white blend usually consists of Asadero, Quesadilla (not sure really what this is, must be a Manchego type cheese?), and I'm drawing a blank on what other type they add.
  • Lower heat to low-med
  • Watch it melt in deliciousness (but not too long or it will never melt -like the water that won't boil- or it shall over-melt: read burn!)
  • Fold it in half
  • Enjoy!
Variations: add ANY vegetable in it. grilled onions and mushrooms are awesome, as are any of the good ol' green/yellow/red peppers. Spike it with some spinach leaves or cilantro -the kids won't even notice! :P or hopefully they will in a good way, lol.

Not feeling the veggies? Fine, add some deli meat or shredded chicken sautéed with onions (oh, oops, there's a veggie! :P), or hot-dogs (i don't like hot dogs all that much, but hey, you might?), sausage, chorizo, main dish leftovers, etc.

For the dipping-child (or in you): ranch, sweet celery seed dressing, ketchup (hey, Max likes it, and who am i to judge!? :P), honey mustard, sour cream, hummus, guacamole, etc. But yeah, I am 'sauce-woman,' no doubt!

Anyway, the world is your quesadilla! :D (oh i am so bad.)

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