Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paypal? No thanks, if I can manage it!

Another online friend, passed this on. so I'll 'pay it forward.'

RevolutionMoneyExchange (RME) is what the system is called. Apparently, lots of wahms on Hyena Cart & Etsy are now using it, because it doesn't charge you fees (at least nowhere near what paypal does)!

Anyway, b/c they're on beta they're giving you a sign up bonus of $25. If you use me as your referral, I get $10 - of which I'll be happy to send $5 right back to you! :) (lmk and i can send an invite).

Sorry, kinda spammy, but I didn't think anyone would mind free $25-30 to spend? Truly, I really don't care if you use me or not, but I think no fees and free $25 sound damn good, even if it's just amongst our friends & family - to whom I end up selling a lot of my stuff, rofl.

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  1. Hi Ilse, why don't you shoot me an invite.
    powerhouserescue@ cheerful.com

    Thanks, loraine


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