Sunday, September 30, 2007

my freecycle find!

Holy cow! I know I'm insane, but what's new. I received this via our -small but growing -Freecycle in my town. Some kind person was getting rid of 'old sewing machine.' I contacted her and when we finally met up, she showed me the thing and I fell in love. yup, oldie but goody! then she told me how she sewed all kinds of stuff on it, and it was well kept (and now that I've opened and seen its 'inside' she wasn't exaggerating!) "She's dusty,and a good oilin' should do her good!' she said.

Then she says, oh, and my grandma kept this too. And shows me the intact manual (in fact 2 copies of them, one in excellent condition, the other one dirty, lol) and the RECEIPT! Note the date (last 5 numbers)!! :D

Oh did I mention I'm in love???? But dude, most incredible is how easy the manual is!!!! I think for the first time I'll really know what I'm sorta doing on the machine, maybe?! Everything is explained simply and with awesome diagrams!!! also coo, the cabinet where it hides down and closes and looks like a little table. Door with a "basket" attached to the door, I'm hello? AVOCADO/MINT green (and now that it's cleaner -thx bacout- you can really see it much better!) I'm oiling it myself!! And will try getting a couple of parts that it looks like Sears might still be the ones to supply, I' hoping! a little light bulb, and a couple of belts. the rubber is pretty dry and old and funky) Those cool diagrams really are screaming at me! :) Wheeeew I'm excited...

I told Bill it reminded me, somewhat, of printmaking. Equipment, process and the edition or mono-type...!

Oh and what a pedal! I mean, talk about pedal to the metal.. or how does that one go?

I hope you enjoy looking :P now, hopefully, I get to sew (read play) on it one of these days! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first pair of longies!

Weeeeee! They are DONE! Sorry Brandy, I was going for the stripes, but the orange came out waaaayyyy different than the previous so I stuck to green! :P

Soooo, I 'fixed' the gaps from the kitchener part, but hey, I still can't believe I managed to do it! There are still little gaps [barely noticeable] from the short rows. And, I went one more round and didn't notice until I bound off on the cuffs. Oh well! I am sooo happy I actually finished them.

And here is the proud model! Such a sweet guy! He kept trying to show them off and posing. Then, daddy put him in another set of pants and he came to me and asked to wear the knitted ones again.

Man, I never knew how amazing that would feel. Sorry, mom, for all the times I didn't like what you made.

Now, I am off to make a few hats and mittens for X-mas gifts. Well, a couple of those are not for such. One is for a 'welcome' to a different land gift and the other is another type of 'welcome' (to the world). I am excited, but I hope I manage one of them in time, b/c the other one has been there a while now and I'm not done yet. Wow, lots of code, no matter. *I* know what I mean, LMAO!

The pattern was the Aubrey Doodle Pants - I found it great! The wool was Knit Picks Bare, hand-dyed with Kool Aid (orange and lime). Lots of fun!

I can't say enough about that yarn. It is sooooo soft and it's not even Merino and such a nice neutral bone color (that I left some when I dyed it). Max has not complained at all about it being scratchy or anything. And so easy to knit. (Update> the sweet kid asks for them as the 'pants you makes mami. wear zose' -can you hear my heart shattering?!)

Anyway, enough rambling. Just wanted to share I'm glad I'm done! :) Thanks for looking/reading whoever does, lol!

Monday, September 17, 2007

feliz cumple, abuela

Abuela... donde quiera que estes te mando muchos besos y abrazos. Pero de seguro el abuelo te esta sirviendo tu tequilita y uno para el y brindaran por ti. Sabe cuanto te quiero y extrano. Y cuanto hubiese querido que conocieras a mis hijos.

Te adoro. i.