Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the happy dyeing tree :P

I had not dyed in a looong time! A friend inspired me to do so, I won't say why or she'll know what I'm up to. I also decided to make her son my multi-color adventure dyeing guinea subject.... but i'm hoping he & she will be pleased.
I can't wait to re-hank!

The other one is a neon orange I had from the longies adventure, and it was ridiculously bright. So I soaked it a bit on the Brazil nut color I had and it ended up rust. Yay!!! But the results were mostly unexpected. Where you see red, should have been a deep rust. Which oddly enough began by being there, but as I heated it through (and it actually never came out clear, but I was using very old procion-mx dyes with wool) it became a bright red.

I also tried my hand at some tie-dyeing on organic merino wool jersey. Kind of weird colors, and where I wanted haloed circles, I received amorphous spots. :P But I still liked them a lot, even if they also somewhat reminded me of cammo - of which I am usually not fond. I'll post soon with the end result!

The colors are odd, but I think in the end, I am very happy with them. :D

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