Sunday, March 30, 2008

the story of stuff, by a. leonard

not that we do not know how and where it's made. but ms. leonard makes a fast 20 minute incredible reminder of what and how we use & dispose.

most definitely worth the time & further bonus was my two children were glued and asking questions! :D
hope you enjoy,


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pocketbook Slippers

and finished, they are! :) hope you enjoy, mom! albeit not as your xmas present as initially intended!!!

as seen on Ravelry! :)

treliske was great to knit, as was the LTK a good and extremely generous friend gave me. and here you can find the great and simple pattern. sometimes i really wonder about myself (well, more often than i'd like to admit). it took me forever to see how it was a pocketbook & a slipper. DUH. just had to knit it.

i hope they keep your feet warm for years to come, mom. may you have a wonderful time in Brazil! :D

with love,

fl in a nutshell

all in all a wonderful visit, as evidenced by the following:

the rest will follow...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

xoxo from FL!

hey all,

just a quick note to lyk, in the slight case you might have wondered, we're in FL enjoying one of the parental units.

regresaremos manana con mas informacion! :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1932 Ribbed soaker progress, wee!

Yes, it *is* happening! And while more slowly than most knitters, I'm sure, it seems faster than usual for me. LOL.

anyway, then i saw that the Paton's classic wool I just scored last weekend is the *exact* red as in my yarn (and the red in my yarn was supposed to be a burnt sienna/rusty orange). how cool & serendipitous! soooo, stripes it shall be!! :)

i am debating whether i should double-strand the middle part, what should i do? suggestions anyone?

thanks for reading & looking! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

easy-bake bread!

ok, not quite, but easy it sounds! it definitely looks like something i could actually handle in the baking department! :)

i'm excited!

hope you enjoy! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

about the Europe trip! (update)

my dilemma is over!!! weeeeeeeee!!!!
("smiling sun", by emma fisher, 3/08)
dh & i decided the kids would stay at home with our ex-nanny. i feel such relief, i can't even describe how great it is.

e&m have known J. for a long time now. in fact, she's the only person with whom they've ever spent the night away from us.this to me is reason enough, not to mention the fact that they'd be in a familiar environment and complete great care, even if they ended up spending nights at her house.

thank you, J, for accepting to keep our children for that long!!!! it is already an ever-so-scary feeling. she is crucial for it to be even possible for the trip to happen, let alone the peace i can feel, and therefore enjoy such an opportunity. WE LOVE YOU, J!! thankyouthankyouthankyou.

no need to find an unfamiliar daycare, nor sleep in an unfamiliar bed, with an unfamiliar set of rules. i just couldn't do it. no matter how well-intended by all the parties involved (b/c we know what the road to hell is paved with, right? :P)

Friday, March 14, 2008

oh, the lovely Oscar Wilde

The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.
~ Oscar Wilde

it just doesn't get much better, nor more true than that! :P (i'm really having trouble with the 'more true' part. is that correct? jeez.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the first "ilse's things" yarn


Now, I must admit, I really, really like it. But that's probably because it's the first-born skein. :)

Hopefully I can make it justice when knit, lol! :P No, but really. I am so curious as to how it will knit. Will it pool? Stripe? I shall learn so much! :)

Not too shabby for the first one?

Hope you like it too!

Friday, March 07, 2008

finished objects and K.S.

i just finished these. i celebrate just that: they're finished - i am terrible at closing circles. but i couldn't not close this one.

i am not so sure the colors are what i had in mind. but hey, Bob Ross might have called them 'happy accidents' -or so i'd like to think, lmao.

in their drying glory

and each on their own

i don't think the recipient reads my blog - but you know what ASSuming does. this is only pertinent in that she hasn't seen them yet as they were only shipped to her today (a week later than expected and even promised, ugh).

they were made with the absolute shock in mind that she'd actually cd her baby, lol. but, much more importantly, with immense gratitude as she has literally [used the correct way, lol!] changed my life. nothing i could ever make or say would justly represent how much she's helped me grow and intrinsically, profoundly and positively affected my children in the process.

so anyway, i pulled out a very nice organic merino jersey i had for special occasions. i don't have much, but i had this which i knew she'd appreciate as she was looking for wool. :) it's soooo soft & nice. it's really not its fault that my dyeing adventures not always result in the actual vision of the beholder, nor that she possesses next to no sewing skills - but damn, she tries! (note to self: why am i speaking of myself in the 3rd person? oh Sybil...)

yeah, i also completely snapped! (oh how dare i continue with the puns...!) the only (to be debated) bad thing is i put the wing ones in the wrong way, so i had to add the 2 needed on the right side. but hey, now they are reversible! :D

the pattern is Chloe Toes Side-Snapping cover found here. Catharine's shop includes diaper and shoe patterns and great how-to info: great lady and great stuff! it's not her pattern that made mine bigger than they should have been - that credit goes *all* to me! :P to add to this, i also combined it with instructions for a wool cover found at the Very Baby Blog. yes, it's like cooking to me. i just *can't* follow it all the way through, lol. except w/ sewing i really ought to. maybe cooking has been more forgiving to me? maybe i'll stay blissfully ignorant on this latter one :)

with much love. THANK YOU, K.S.!!


Monday, March 03, 2008

about bandwidth thievery

so i learned not too long ago what being a bandwidth thief meant: someone who uses someone's image's location on their site. i had no idea! i'll go ahead and confess: i am a REFORMED bandwidth thief. but no longer, ladies & gents. i've learned what to do about it, even if i'm confused about other things. i have now gone through all of my buttons and transferred them to flickr or some such site, and recoded them all.

so, for you not to be like me: host the image you like on your own site (or public storage site, i.e. flickr, photobucket, picasa, etc.) that way, you don't show your love to the person who you're trying to be nice to by linking to them or showing something of theirs to begin with, by stealing their internet highway lane. be kind. karma is a bitch.