Sunday, July 15, 2007

what's on your needles?

A friend posted on one of my groups asking about what we were all knitting...

- pair of shorties for Max, though i'm not sure what yarn i'll finish them with, as I only dyed one skein in my most recent kool-aid adventure! :P

i know, i'm a dumbass. we'll see how long i can get them or they shall remain a long cuffed soaker, rofl! or i might delve into dyeing a solid green and a solid orange skein and finish them up with stripes of both... wdyat?

- a pair of shorties/skirt/hat & mitts/one of these for my little 14 mo niece Natalia who might come visit and meet her cousins! :D -but not yet begun and I better get on it!

and that's it!!! :P it still takes me FOREVER to complete one thing! though i did finish the second mitten of Emma's, lol. i thought i was going to acquire the second sock syndrome :P

the other thing i want to start NOW is another pair of twinkle toes for emma that actually WILL fit her this time, lol. i got a $2 ball of some fuzzy veeery soft chenilly 'no boundaries' teal skein that i think she'll love! (or i will, since they won't be PINK? :P)