Wednesday, February 06, 2008

about wahm hosting and carts

Hi all!

So as my hosting package comes to an end, I must choose whether to renew with Siteground (which has been just fine), but somehow implement a different cart OR go with a WAHM hosting company, take my domain, and hopefully set up a more functional and friendly design. I've liked Cube Cart and all, but I find right now it's like re-inventing the wheel to get the code I want!

Thankfully, because of these new wheels (to me!) I've learned a lot of HTML and CSS. But I wouldn't mind an easier-to-work-with cart than Cube. Yet, I'd like something where I could play with the existing code all the same! :P Do you think I can find it?? I've googled and swam the ocean-full of wahm companies and it is BIG. The ultimate bonus would be to have an eco-friendly company, though I realize that will cost more. Man, who is it that would have my three c's?? :P Cheap, Chic, and [socio-eco] Conscious!?

LOL, I can dream and keep looking! But if you know of such great hosting and e-cart, I'd love to hear it! :D

Have a lovely rest of the week! I know I have to catch up, but such is my life!


Please feel free to shoot them at me! :)

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  1. Wahmshoppes is the best! You will get al 3 c's!
    The shopping cart system is included at only $7 per month for hosting/shoppingcart and everything you need to run an effective and successful online business. And of course I will be honored to design your store and setup your system!


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