Friday, June 22, 2007

emma's summer mittens

Soooo.... this is the wool that was slated for Emma's hat (an actual blog post below or in the archives?!), which never happened b/c instead i decided to knit the skirt. Well, Emma keeps asking for mittens (yes, in Georgia and in June!!!!), so here's the first installment and no hat! :)
She was very happy with it!

But then got really, really shy!

The wool is truly beautiful. And it was part of a mystery bag I got from Marilyn, whom I know through WSG. Great stuff, thanks Marilyn! The pattern was also great and pretty easy. I realized if I just quickly skim the pattern but not really get into it enough to get scared, and follow word by word [literally! :P] I'm able to follow it and not be so scared to not even want to try it! So now I know what my nephew and niece are getting for Christmas!!! :D

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The model with skirt

Here she is!

Can you say GRIN?!

This reminds me of the snake in the Little Prince, when it eats the elephant! :P

(Max taking a peek!)
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emma's *finished* skirt! :)

Here it is completed, Ladies & Gentlemen! (probably mostly ladies, lol)

f i n a l l y ! ! ! !
i cannot believe it's done (except now, i wanna put some grass and stars too. even though I suck at stitching/embroidering quite obviously, i guess i'll still have fun trying, lol!)

I'm sooooo happy I completed this. It takes me forever to complete things. I'm one of those people who get so excited and could start ten zillion things and finish a few, if any. I know, it's pretty horrible. I don't like that part of myself a whole lot, but anyway...

Here's a detail of the ribbing, which ended up being a casing for the elastic I put in. I used O'wool, in pumpkin (oh but I think I already said that)...

So, I crocheted the flower.

I delved into the world of I-cord for the first time and I actually managed to attach it! :P Though not according to the instructions in knittinghelp as I couldn't quickly figure them out, so I got impatient. Yes, that's how I am, too!

So here it is FINISHED!!!!


But the greatest part of it all is how much Emma liked it!!! Asked if she could put it on now?! And danced around and giggled. So sweet. (Because I can't figure out how to paste the pictures I thought I had included with these, the model will be the next post!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the survivors

Last year, we decided we'd have a wild flower garden. And we did. Later we decided we would not.

These are the several stubborn ones that won't go away, in spite of droughts, being stepped on, and grass attempted on top of them.... black-eyed susans are they? i don't care, I LOVE THEM!!!!
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Friday, June 08, 2007

emma's skirt

i am so excited about this! emma is all about skirts and dresses lately. so i decided instead of making my first pair of longies, I'd make her a skirt! I found the perfect (read easy!) pattern for it! I was going to use a contrast color, but instead i opted to try 'embroidering' (I only quote it because we'll see if i can even call it such, LOL!) It's been the first time I got to use Addi needles vs. Boye. WOW! I was really skeptical of there being a difference. Well, needless (oh! pun!) to say, I AM AMAZED! so much smoother, lighter, easier, gliding pleasure! I used o'wool in pumpkin and the flower is peace fleece, with needles size 8 (16" and 24")

the little flower, i made up! it's so funny. i know how to do the crochet stitches, as my grandma taught me. but i have no clue as to what they are or anything else. i just do them! :P

so i winged it. i think (without blocking it) it looks more like a spiral as opposed to a circle, I DON'T CARE! rofl! no, but really, i'm not sure if i joined it wrong or something else. i'm sure the ladies at WSG would know in an instant. it still managed to come out 'even'. whatever stitches i chose (from what i know), I tried to keep repeating evenly, so i think that's what save it. lmao.

i'm also learning i-cord, and we'll see if it can be used to embellish the skirt. :)

that's it! :P

off to to get the kids and to go to stupid walmart. though i'm excited. i'm getting a little kiddie pool for them. i had gotten an inflatable about a week ago...long story short, it's out! one week of use! soooo, i'm getting a little one that's made of hard plastic and there is no need to blow up (yes, you read that right. lol)


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bill's hat

i took my sweet time with billy's hat! well, as with anything. :P

it's probably more to remind myself of what i used (as much as I will!) to make it, but I'm pretty happy with it (considering i'm a very novice knitter).

It's a hat from one of the Yarn Girls' book. As soon as I find the pattern again, I could post which exactly. :P
I used Treliske Organic Wool and double-stranded it. I think I used size 8 needles. I finished it a while back, so God knows what I might truly remember!

The stripes are made with Peace Fleece (i had a few of those little 1.5 oz skeins) and a little left over Father's Grey...

Bill liked it a lot. Except... it's SUMMER, rofl!
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summer fun

Weee it's the summer, lol, and with that comes water. yayyy! it is a damn shame we have such a drought. it rained half a day, and things got sooo pretty and green. max helped a little with the flowers before that, though! emma had a blast making a painting for her abuela (or Grandma Morales, as she calls her if she's speaking English! lol)