Friday, October 05, 2007

crayon cupcakes

Hi! (i always wonder who it is i greet, lmao. one of my 16 personalities, probably!?)

Remember the neat-o idea for those little pieces of crayon one finds everywhere? (especially at your heel, where they hurt so much? :P) This is the cool site where I found the idea, and we tried it out! :)

Here they are on their way to become a different kind of crayon! I am not sure why i wanted to post about this, i think it's that i really enjoyed looking at the colors. Lots of colors! Crayons and cup thingies together.

And find them here after their transformation. Ok, so not great, but it was a good start! More crayons and probably the fat kind would be better, I think. Maybe baked at different intervals? Also, they mixed in a funny way.

Some colors went to the bottom, period. so they look like half-dipped reese's cups :P

E&M were so fun about them. BTW they had a great time peeling the pieces and putting them in the cups! Then they pretended to eat them, and Emma made shapes and she finally called it a caterpillar and at some other final point, train track. (ok, those are the 2 last ones that i remembered!)

I think they'd work fine for party favors, I'm just not quite there yet! :P