Friday, February 08, 2008

not for the vegetarian or dairy-free

i made pseudo-home-made pizza tonight. it was pretty yummy!! i found some 'personal-sized' pizza crusts (no preservatives, etc. soooo cheap at the BL)

the sauce consisted of:

  • sour cream and alfredo sauce powder mix (the one product with preservatives!)
  • following the cream, a mix of spinach leaves with a good drizzle of E.V. olive oil, Cotija cheese, and some 'fiesta' cheese mix (asadero, quesadilla, colby, and monterrey?), salt and pepper.
  • i sautéed fresh onions and garlic...
  • added to the above one medium, fresh chopped tomato, roasted red peppers, about a third of a cup of tomato sauce -and yes, *i used a can which i normally try to stay away from, but organic tom. sauce and garbanzo beans were on sale this week! couldn't pass them up, but i still consider it 'processed'. something about the can lining, blah blah blah), dash of pepper, dash of seasoned salt, dash of powdered chicken bouillon, about a tbsp of sugar (the sauce got kinda tangy/bitter, so that took it right off).
  • Later I added garbanzo beans (*from a can, see above :P* or 'berries' as Emma called them. her first request was - mommy, can we have pizza with leaves?? YEAH! she could eat a bowl-ful of spinach leaves 0r any other leaves including - but not limited to - clovers, epazote, cilantro, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, you name it; this time, 'we' added 'berries' ;) and she ate them up happily),
  • finally, i added [frozen, ugh] shrimp, and lots of finely chopped cilantro along with dashes of lemon-pepper salt. oh, i might have dashed celery salt as well.
  • did i mention i sautéed this all in the oil of the bacon i cut into pieces with scissors until crispy, then added all the rest.
i forgot to add mushrooms, but would have been great! oh well, next time. the kids ate it right up! good enough sign for me :)

wilted the spinach mix a little before adding the sauce...
here's the sauce ready to go!

(why do my food pictures look like bowlfuls of doggie food - to put it lightly?)

added it to the spinach mountain...

and finally added lots of cheese on top!

mmm-mmmmmm! hope you enjoy! :)
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