Friday, June 22, 2007

emma's summer mittens

Soooo.... this is the wool that was slated for Emma's hat (an actual blog post below or in the archives?!), which never happened b/c instead i decided to knit the skirt. Well, Emma keeps asking for mittens (yes, in Georgia and in June!!!!), so here's the first installment and no hat! :)
She was very happy with it!

But then got really, really shy!

The wool is truly beautiful. And it was part of a mystery bag I got from Marilyn, whom I know through WSG. Great stuff, thanks Marilyn! The pattern was also great and pretty easy. I realized if I just quickly skim the pattern but not really get into it enough to get scared, and follow word by word [literally! :P] I'm able to follow it and not be so scared to not even want to try it! So now I know what my nephew and niece are getting for Christmas!!! :D

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