Friday, June 08, 2007

bill's hat

i took my sweet time with billy's hat! well, as with anything. :P

it's probably more to remind myself of what i used (as much as I will!) to make it, but I'm pretty happy with it (considering i'm a very novice knitter).

It's a hat from one of the Yarn Girls' book. As soon as I find the pattern again, I could post which exactly. :P
I used Treliske Organic Wool and double-stranded it. I think I used size 8 needles. I finished it a while back, so God knows what I might truly remember!

The stripes are made with Peace Fleece (i had a few of those little 1.5 oz skeins) and a little left over Father's Grey...

Bill liked it a lot. Except... it's SUMMER, rofl!
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