Saturday, June 16, 2007

emma's *finished* skirt! :)

Here it is completed, Ladies & Gentlemen! (probably mostly ladies, lol)

f i n a l l y ! ! ! !
i cannot believe it's done (except now, i wanna put some grass and stars too. even though I suck at stitching/embroidering quite obviously, i guess i'll still have fun trying, lol!)

I'm sooooo happy I completed this. It takes me forever to complete things. I'm one of those people who get so excited and could start ten zillion things and finish a few, if any. I know, it's pretty horrible. I don't like that part of myself a whole lot, but anyway...

Here's a detail of the ribbing, which ended up being a casing for the elastic I put in. I used O'wool, in pumpkin (oh but I think I already said that)...

So, I crocheted the flower.

I delved into the world of I-cord for the first time and I actually managed to attach it! :P Though not according to the instructions in knittinghelp as I couldn't quickly figure them out, so I got impatient. Yes, that's how I am, too!

So here it is FINISHED!!!!


But the greatest part of it all is how much Emma liked it!!! Asked if she could put it on now?! And danced around and giggled. So sweet. (Because I can't figure out how to paste the pictures I thought I had included with these, the model will be the next post!)


  1. It looks great! What did you make it out of? (and yes I know yarn) ;)

  2. o'wool in pumpkin!! :) loved it.

  3. The lovely. It's so nice when the kids love it, isn't it? Your embroidery/addons are great so no reason to say they aren't. :-)


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