Friday, June 08, 2007

emma's skirt

i am so excited about this! emma is all about skirts and dresses lately. so i decided instead of making my first pair of longies, I'd make her a skirt! I found the perfect (read easy!) pattern for it! I was going to use a contrast color, but instead i opted to try 'embroidering' (I only quote it because we'll see if i can even call it such, LOL!) It's been the first time I got to use Addi needles vs. Boye. WOW! I was really skeptical of there being a difference. Well, needless (oh! pun!) to say, I AM AMAZED! so much smoother, lighter, easier, gliding pleasure! I used o'wool in pumpkin and the flower is peace fleece, with needles size 8 (16" and 24")

the little flower, i made up! it's so funny. i know how to do the crochet stitches, as my grandma taught me. but i have no clue as to what they are or anything else. i just do them! :P

so i winged it. i think (without blocking it) it looks more like a spiral as opposed to a circle, I DON'T CARE! rofl! no, but really, i'm not sure if i joined it wrong or something else. i'm sure the ladies at WSG would know in an instant. it still managed to come out 'even'. whatever stitches i chose (from what i know), I tried to keep repeating evenly, so i think that's what save it. lmao.

i'm also learning i-cord, and we'll see if it can be used to embellish the skirt. :)

that's it! :P

off to to get the kids and to go to stupid walmart. though i'm excited. i'm getting a little kiddie pool for them. i had gotten an inflatable about a week ago...long story short, it's out! one week of use! soooo, i'm getting a little one that's made of hard plastic and there is no need to blow up (yes, you read that right. lol)


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