Friday, April 11, 2008

where did the week go?

i am not sure. 

but -  i am soooo excited!  the first batch of delicious yarn arrived. now, on to the dyeing party. tangent alert: emma asked if we'd have cake at the dyeing party...  uhhh, sure, why not? life is all about cake, candles & the mail right now! :) 

this week i received some bfl super, some merino/tencel, a beautiful chunky merino, and lastly some good ol' worsted. mmm-mmmmmm!!!! can't wait to see the colors be born. 

i also am on my way to making some stitch markers.  i am still missing a pair of pliers and glue. but hopefully, i can get them this weekend.

just trying to have inventory ready for the new store's site.  weeeee!! 

in other news, peeeeee-yeeewwwww!!  tax deadline is almost here and i'm nowhere near [remotely] finished. i don't think i've ever waited this long. craziness.

sorry about the absence, oh mysterious faces in this audience of mine.  hope you have yourselves a lovely weekend!



  1. Ohhh cake! A kid I used to watch used to tell me "I NEED cake!!". It's appropriate! He's umm....*gulp* 17 now!

  2. LOL, Jean! maybe you can come join her for some! :P i am soo not a cake person, rofl.

  3. I'd love to see your yarns after they are all dyed up!

  4. what i ought to do is invite you over to the 'party'!!! then K, E & M could run around and you & i could play ourselves!!! :D (thanks for lmk you stopped by, R! :) )


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