Saturday, April 12, 2008

My dream trip [map]

One more cool feature of BigHugeLabs (link on title of the post)! I get to show you exactly where I am going! :)
Yes, that would be France, Belgium, Czech Rep. & Italy!
Yes, that would be France, Belgium, Czech Rep. & Italy!
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So apparently I can't count, lol. I am visiting 4 countries not 5 (as I had in my head, lol) But, surely, I am not complaining!!! I don't think I've mentioned here how important this trip will be.

Beyond being the cool summer Europe trip anyone would want, it has become the trip my dad 'promised' me when I turned 15 (yes, that 'important' debut-to society-age per the Mexicans - whatever, i was never excited and remember tremendous anxiety over a party that would happen for me and I chose not to have, ugh.) The trip didn't happen either. 2008. Um, yes, count 20. 20 years on the making and it will be here May 16th.

My hubby gets to teach in Italy this summer. I was to meet him for a week or two. When I told my dad, he said - wouldn't it be great if I could actually get the time off and we could go roam for 2-3 weeks? I nearly died. I've always wanted him to be in that trip (even in the teenage version, i would've loved to have him there), he knows world history like few people and lived in Italy for about a year and a half (on his free time, he would just travel everywhere). So can you imagine such knowledge at your fingertips when you're looking at the actual thing/place???

Where the guilt comes in (or one of the spots, anyway, as i won't talk about leaving my kids!): the sudden transformation of the essence of this trip wrt to husband! But, we have talked about it and I think we both feel better. He's going to try to meet up with us wherever we happen to be on the weekend, and I'll get to stay with him in Montepulciano for the last 3-4 days. iloveyoubthankyouforunderstandingandlovingme.

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