Tuesday, April 01, 2008

proud, no longer...

i am of 'my' food -as they'd like me to believe... worse yet, it seems stupidity can be imported/exported as well.

allow me to elaborate: this country's nutritional stupidity is finally showing transnational results. VIVA MEXICO (and for those who don't know where that is, please use your favorite search engine. you could do that much, right? yes, it is true: i have been asked by people in the US where Mexico is, or better yet: i've been aggressively told that Mexico IS a state of the US. so that's just to clarify.)

leave it to alternative media to tell the truth... or to world organizations to tap at it, and to the Mexican media to hide or misinform it.

when you have PepsiCo or McDonald's be 'part of the solution', well, i can't expect much out of the 'solution.' when you can get a soda more readily than potable water, well there's a problem. when you're being told that formula is best and you can't afford it, well there goes bf'ing and so does health.
i am so disgusted. i hate that a whole country idealizes another (or is in bed with) to such extent to become, literally, ill. to allow such corporations (only admitted some 20 some years ago into the country) to take over its health, its children, its brains and now pretend it's unknown why it is Mexico is second only to the US in its highest obesity rates and corresponding diseases.

let the orgy begin! let the fast food, pharmaceutical, insurance, & oil companies and government trade bed positions & partners every second. who cares, we just sit & watch.

BUT WAIT (á la ever-so-pop infomercial voice).... if you ignore it for the next ten minutes you can even pay to watch - they'll be happy to take body parts and cash!


  1. Oh, Ilse, I'm so sorry. It's so beyond-words-frustrating and enraging to watch money and power literally kill innocents, whether it's through warfare, or propaganda.

  2. so well said, A! thanks for truly understanding and commiserating! :)

  3. You go, woman! It's sad to see it so clearly, yet others seem to be blind to what is happening.


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