Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mommy Auctions!!

I've been meaning to tell you all about Mommy Auctions...

I joined back in August, and kinda ran out of time and forgot about it. Well, being back home has inspired all kinds of things, lol. Among them, to sell my wares and all the baby/kid related stuff we have accumulated these past 4 glorious years.

Samantha Stack is the owner of the site and a wonderful person to deal with!! She's been extremely generous with her time with me, as a regular user of the site. And most recently as the following:

I proudly announce that I've become a mod in their forum site, weee!!! It's a 'small' community and is getting nice & cozy among members. Don't be afraid to check it out! :) ***UPDATE: I am no longer a mod, as life got complicated. :)***

I had added a few days ago a banner of theirs to Stuff I Like. I found out today that I can give you an actual link to personally refer you!! Without further due, I present to you: Mommy Auctions! :)

and lest I forget, I just set this up! :)

Weeee! Mommy Auctions galore! To tell you the truth, I just like the fact that you can sell *anything* mom-related -even our very much beloved cloth diapers and such that the company that shall remain nameless, lol, no longer allows. Yay! :) AND you know that the people looking at your stuff are exactly the people who *will* buy it. That just made sense to me. It's like a happy little filter of buyers!

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