Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i just looove the internetS

I really ought to consider getting my GRE and applying for the Masters of Internet Technology at UGA. The more I play around with templates' code, and styles and such, the giddier I get.

With such baby steps of mine, I've managed to get the Etsy mini thing configured, weeeeeeeeee!!! I just like finding I can mess with the code given to do what I want. I can't imagine knowing what code to use for what already, imagine what fun!?!!!

In the spirit of sharing and promoting fellow etsians, I believe I'll do a 'featured etsy shop of the week' of random stuff i enjoyed looking. Look for the first installment, tomorrow, and every Thursday after that (if I manage to remember, hahahaaa)

Hope you like the new look! :)


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