Thursday, January 31, 2008

B-day shawl

thanks to the newly created S&B group in my town for letting me know of this lovely gift-to-be for my mom's b-day!! it looks sooo pretty and easy. we'll see about that when i drop my stitches, so to speak, LOL.

isn't it pretty??? Vanessa Carter's LiveJournal page -where the pattern is housed and whose owner is the designer of this pattern- can be found here. It can also be found here on Ravelry.


I'll be making it with an inexpensive, but pretty yarn which I believe -or so I hope- 'mi mami' will like. I managed to find it at an extremely reasonable price at my local "shall-remain-nameless' store (I refuse to publicize them as I already give them my hard-earned money ever so reluctantly on site).

Whew, back to the yarn... Let's see if I can find a picture of it. Ok, it's called Bernat Black Lites in Crazy Baby color way. I really liked their Sunset much better, but there weren't enough skeins.

Here you can find Bernat Black Lites' color ways, should you want to see the rest of them. It's just such a shame it's acrylic!!!! :(

I'm excited to knit it for her, though still wishing it does knit quickly *blush*!

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