Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Your yard, his sign!


For those who might enjoy a sign or two: Check out this awesome online exhibition co-sponsored by the wonderful Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis.


And yes, my vested interest is in my husband's artwork!!!

Vote here or click on the image above for one or - better yet! :) - all four of his signs on exhibit. (Please click on "Vote on and View Signs"; then, "View Thumbnails" to peruse and vote. Voting closes end of July. Oh, it does require a quick & safe registration login to vote, but no big thing nor will they spam).

Lovely Tuesday to all. :)


  1. Hello!
    I found your blog through Mommy Auctions!
    Will you be listing items again soon? And, if so, what sizes?

    Call me...~Reen~

  2. Hiya Reen!!! :) It's been a while since I've managed to visit MA :( but i'll see you there sometime soon and def will lyk when i get stuff up! Thanks for stopping by!!! :)


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