Friday, July 04, 2008

Today's dinner: Manicotti Stuffed with Curried Cream Cheesy Slaw Au Gratin

title... long enough for you guys? in my effort to catch up with blog-land, i shall share today's impromptu lunch/dinner. but do expect it to be posted on the 'official food blog' and NB's. Oh the joy of a few birds with one stone...

the verdict: mmmmmm, it *was* tasty, if i may say so myself! :P but it truly was lovingly approved - as evidenced by the almost empty pyrex and clean plates my children and husband brought back to the kitchen! :)


- Manicotti pasta - boiled in salt & extra virgin olive oil water
I used maybe 3/4 of an Italian package found on sale at BigLots, or about 16-18 'pipes'. Tip: always hit BL's int'l. & organic section, if you have one near you. mad deals, i tell ya!!)
- 1 container (over 250 grs?) of Cream Cheese - softened
I took it out of its container and placed it in a bowl next to the boiling pasta until needed.

- 1 bag of 'Veggie Slaw' (broccoli, carrots, red cabbage)
I used, b/c I got lucky - organic & store brand sale of the week, whew! go local groc. store of mine! But here you could use any vegetables to be found in your drawers, i.e. spinach, onions, ummm, you name it.

- Cheese for gratin
I used the usual fave Quesadilla shredded variety, but knock yourself out.

- Bacon & its grease
Omit for vegetarian version and use your favorite oil (coconut is extremely good for you

- Seasonings & Spices:
lemon pepper salt, celery salt, curry powder


While water is boiling for pasta, cut bacon into tiny pieces and fry or place your favorite oil to heat if going Veggie.

Sauté slaw on high heat, on the bacon & its grease.

Sprinkle with spices' goodness.

Fold in cream cheese.

Stuff pasta and cover with shredded cheese, ajavascript:void(0)nd broil just enough to get the cheese golden.

Enjoy! :D


  1. That sounds "yum", as my 4yo would say. ;o) Thanks so much for the recipe, Ilse. I didn't know how easy stuffed manicotti could be!

  2. yayyyyy annalea!!! that's what had me flabbergasted! it was my first manicotti try too, and it really wasn't hard nor any more time consuming than any other meal. :D go for it, mama! :) have the older 3 or 4 stuff and place them, while mr. magoo rests on your back :).


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