Friday, March 07, 2008

finished objects and K.S.

i just finished these. i celebrate just that: they're finished - i am terrible at closing circles. but i couldn't not close this one.

i am not so sure the colors are what i had in mind. but hey, Bob Ross might have called them 'happy accidents' -or so i'd like to think, lmao.

in their drying glory

and each on their own

i don't think the recipient reads my blog - but you know what ASSuming does. this is only pertinent in that she hasn't seen them yet as they were only shipped to her today (a week later than expected and even promised, ugh).

they were made with the absolute shock in mind that she'd actually cd her baby, lol. but, much more importantly, with immense gratitude as she has literally [used the correct way, lol!] changed my life. nothing i could ever make or say would justly represent how much she's helped me grow and intrinsically, profoundly and positively affected my children in the process.

so anyway, i pulled out a very nice organic merino jersey i had for special occasions. i don't have much, but i had this which i knew she'd appreciate as she was looking for wool. :) it's soooo soft & nice. it's really not its fault that my dyeing adventures not always result in the actual vision of the beholder, nor that she possesses next to no sewing skills - but damn, she tries! (note to self: why am i speaking of myself in the 3rd person? oh Sybil...)

yeah, i also completely snapped! (oh how dare i continue with the puns...!) the only (to be debated) bad thing is i put the wing ones in the wrong way, so i had to add the 2 needed on the right side. but hey, now they are reversible! :D

the pattern is Chloe Toes Side-Snapping cover found here. Catharine's shop includes diaper and shoe patterns and great how-to info: great lady and great stuff! it's not her pattern that made mine bigger than they should have been - that credit goes *all* to me! :P to add to this, i also combined it with instructions for a wool cover found at the Very Baby Blog. yes, it's like cooking to me. i just *can't* follow it all the way through, lol. except w/ sewing i really ought to. maybe cooking has been more forgiving to me? maybe i'll stay blissfully ignorant on this latter one :)

with much love. THANK YOU, K.S.!!



  1. she is CLOTH DIAPERING..??? wow. it must be miss l and miss a living with her that brought her over to the lighter dark side ;)


    hey there young lady!! saw your link at the end of your email and decided to pop over to say hello! maybe this way we can keep better track of each other :)



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