Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1932 Ribbed soaker progress, wee!

Yes, it *is* happening! And while more slowly than most knitters, I'm sure, it seems faster than usual for me. LOL.

anyway, then i saw that the Paton's classic wool I just scored last weekend is the *exact* red as in my yarn (and the red in my yarn was supposed to be a burnt sienna/rusty orange). how cool & serendipitous! soooo, stripes it shall be!! :)

i am debating whether i should double-strand the middle part, what should i do? suggestions anyone?

thanks for reading & looking! :)


  1. At the risk of being too late, I'd say that you can double-strand the middle, but from my experience with the 1932 soaker (the first soaker I ever knit), it gathers in the crotch sufficiently that you don't need to.

    Oh, and one note: "Wee" is what goes into a cloth diaper! You're missing an "h" in there. (As in "whee!" ;o) Hope you've had a great day!

  2. haaaaa, Annalea! i'm sooo silly i hadn't gotten my own terrible pun (and you know i've been on a roll with them lately, :P).

    thanks for stopping by, i love that you do! :D

  3. I LOVE the yarn you dyed with the red, striped like you're doing. Very pretty. The ribbing design holds more lanolin hence more wee is converted so double stranding really isn't needed. I love my ribbed soaker. I made it without the cuffs and it works just fine.
    loraine alias simra on the web


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