Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mexico Day at the Preschool

Here's my Emma on the day her preschool talked about Mexico during their international week (which I'll admit I was impressed they'd even have one!)

But how about these people, oh oops, no offense anyone with what i'm about to say. But they had one of their missionaries give the talk on Mexico. Ummmm hellooooo??? Wouldn't you rather hear it from a MEXICAN? Ok, sorry about the ranty tangent!

Oh yes, please don't mind the wall and door Art displayed -they both went at it with sharpies. hmmm, whose fault is that!? LOL

Funny thing, I, actually and secretely, really like it there (and on the rest of the walls they've hit with crayons or the like, ROFL! But I swear I don't encourage it! There is ALWAYS paper available! :D
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